PLEASE HELP new 760 not working my dad will kick my ass if he knows it is not working

I recentley bought a new 760 from pny because my old 560 superclocked edition didnt gave me the power that i needed, when i first installed it it was working perfectly well, i played battlefield 4 at max settings and some other games. Then i changed my pc to the living room tv because it is 3d and it looks great, but then when i returned my pc to my living room i conected it and everything and when i turned it on i noticed that the motherboard screen showed up for a lot of time like 2 min. and then windows loaded normally and i tought it was no big deal but when i turned it on again the motherboard screen also showed for more than 2 min and then the screen went completely black and windows didnt load. I tried turning it on and off again and i also tried to get into the bios but it doesnt let me, i also couldnt turn it in safe mode. Then i took out the video card and turned it on again and it said the bios was corrupted but my motherboard is a dual uefi bios so the backup bios just loaded and it was no problem, windows loaded correctly and everything was normal. I tried removing completely the drivers for the 760 and then reinstalling them but that didnt work.

I have a i7 2600k
8gb ram
600w power supply
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    I say RMA that 760 and get a new one.
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