Is a 500wat Psu enough

Hello this is my current system

But i would like to add a Gtx 760 would a 500wat psu be all i need to support it?
This was my first build and i just want to step it up but i only have £250
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    Here you go. 500 watts is a minimum. the XFX 550 is really good and has ample power for your build.
    48.99 pounds
    I'm running Nv cards and the 760 is a good choice.
    189.99 pounds.
    That leave a little left over for shipping or bite to eat!
  2. The GeForce GTX 760 max TDP is 170W and requires- 30A and a 500W PSU minimum.
    for that GPU, I recommend something more like a good branded certified 500W~600W PSU from Seasonic,XFX,Corsair(TX,HX,AX), Antec, for having more headroom for future upgrades too.
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