Asus z87-k BIOS update?

Hey there I got my self a problem and I'm hoping you could help me, I just got this custom build computer

Asus z87-k, radeon r9 290x, with a 4770k Intel processor I believe.

When i try to boot my computer up even the BIOS' graphics is all messed up, when I try to update my graphics driver in windows 8 my computer just goes black screen with the fan spinning really fast and only the power light is on. I tried this as well in windows 7 and I was able to install the driver but when I rebooted it no longer let's me even make it to the log in screen.
It says the computer is only using a Microsoft basic display driver and all the colours are just messed up.

My question is I have been reading some posts of the similar problem and Im hoping its not a dead PSU some people even suggested some settings in my BIOS may be wrong like my voltage or along those lines.

So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if my BIOS are up to date I have tried going on the asus site but I don't know what I'm doing. I'm currently on BIOS version 0309

Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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    If the BIOS is even messed up then it's a hardware issue.

    Since you have an iGPU in that CPU, do THIS:

    1) Setup the BIOS, if need be, so the iGPU will work

    2) Shut down, remove the graphics card completely, attach the monitor to the motherboard

    3) create a MEMTEST boot disc, then boot to that and do a full pass on you RAM

    4) boot into Windows and run Prime95 for at least 15 minutes.

    We should now have proved all your hardware except for your graphics card (though there could be an issue with the Power Supply still or even the motherboard PCIe connection).

    *I'm pretty sure it's the graphics card though so get to this point and contact the graphics card manufacturer. For example, you'd contact Technical Support about RMA'ing the card and say "works with the CPU graphics, but when I add this card the BIOS graphics are corrupted.." If that's the case, they'll tell you to RMA it under Warranty.
  2. Thanks for the quick a knowledgeable reply, i currently am running without my graphics card inside and as you predicted evverything looks great now! even in the bios i still have to run the memtest but i am very excited to see such a difference does this mean its the graphics card? should i just call amd right now? lol thank you so much!
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