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I currently have an Asus GTX 560Ti 1gb. I'm impressed with the performance and it runs everything I currently play on high graphics settings. Unfortunately when pushing it to Ultra on games like Farcry 3 the frame rate drops below an acceptable level so I'm looking to replace the card.

My computer setup is in my sig, I'm looking for suggestions on the best card to replace it with. I want to stick with Nvidia. I also want to spend less than £150 if possible. What would give me the best bang for my buck and also which manufacturer / card provides the quietest cooling solution? Currently the noisiest thing in my case is my 560.
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  1. whats your screen res
  2. double post
  3. Ah sorry yes, currently running a 1080p monitor (1920x1080) and I am unlikely to be upgrading the screen before I get another graphics card.
  4. I just upgraded my 560 TI to a 770 and I'm very happy with it. I play at 1920x1080. If it's in your budget I'd certainly recommend the 770.

    I would imagine a 760 would provide a decent upgrade as well if you're looking for something cheaper. I don't think I would spend the money on anything below that.
  5. both cost more than 150 so ill get a gtx 660
  6. Thanks Treeba, I appreciate where you are coming from. Money is a bit tight, I would like to stretch to an Asus GTX 760 2gb which is £198 but I would have to really dig deep for that bad boy. I was looking at a Gigabyte GTX 660 2gb that comes in at £138 which is much more affordable. Do you think I would notice the difference between my 560ti and a 660? Also is the Gigabyte Windforce cooling solution any good?
  7. i think this chart can show you something
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    Ah sorry I missed the budget you listed. I'm sure there would be some improvement in moving to the 660, but I'm not sure it's worth the price tag. You'd probably also need to upgrade again in 1-2 years. Up to you of course, but I'd just wait and save up a bit more money before upgrading.
  9. Thanks both for your input, I think I need to find the extra cash and stump up for a 760.
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