gigabyte GA-z87-d3hp Problem Boots windows but doesnt boot bios

When I turn on the computer it skips the bios screen and goes straight to booting windows and when I try to access the bios by pressing delete I'm not getting any signal on my screen and it just stays like that. This all happens when my screen is plugged with the onboard graphics. When I plug my screen to my graphics card and boot it, the screen goes fuzzy, I can access the bios but the screen is also fuzzy and windows doesnt boot when its plugged in the graphics card only boots when its on safemode. So is it a problem with my motherboard or is it a problem with my graphics card?

Heres my system specs:
gigabyte GA-z87-d3hp
Gigabyte R9 280x OC
16gb strontium hynix
650w FSP Raider
1tb seagate barracudda
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    try pulling the gpu so that the onboard video is the main video card. then if you can get into the bios update the bios on the mb.
  2. First, try again to get into BIOS when the gfx card is removed from the MB and you are using the on-board video. You sometimes have to 'tap' the DEL key about once a sec during boot up. The 'window' for the BIOS to catch the keypress can be very tiny. tap the DEL key repeatedly from the moment you turn on the PC.
  3. Ill try booting without the GPU now. The motherboard is already on the latest bios (F5 08/14/2013). The GPU is also on the latest drivers.
  4. The BIOS shows now thanks guys, so its a problem with my GPU?
  5. with intel bios and gpu and ipgpu in the bios under primany display adaptore set it to peg/pci and turn off muilt monitor supprt this make the gpu the main output.
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