Gigabyte gerforce gtx 660 ti OC guru II help

So I just downloaded the OC guru II for the Geforce gtx 660 ti from Gigabyte's website-, and when I click on the OC guru II tab it says "Please confirm whether to support this VGA card!'' and when I click OK, it doesn't do anything..... my Monitor is running good, my Video card is running good, and I'm running on HDMI. Any Ideas or Concerns? Thanks!
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    My best recommendation would be to use a different overclocking software. OC guru is known to be kinda bad.

    MSI afterburner is simply
    EVGA's overclocking software is god
    Asus gpu tweak is good too
  2. Ok Ill try those, but what do you recommend out of the three softwares?
  3. I personally use msi afterburner. it is easy to use, and instructions are pretty simple and you won't break your card as it doesnt unlock anything you shouldnt be playing with anyways
  4. Ok Ill try msi AB, Thanks
  5. Remember this is also an overclocking utitlity, so if you are not prepared to overclock, do not touch any of the sliders
  6. I have just fixed this issues for myself

    It is caused when you upgrade your graphics card without removing the old driver. To remove old driver run cmd prompt as administrator

    Paste in the Line

    the open device manager by typing devmgmt.msc

    click view and show hidden devices

    Locate your old cards under display adapters then uninstall don't forget to tick the box that says remove driver

    this sometimes has the effect of removing your new driver as well but just scan for hardware changes and this will go back on for you. restart if it prompts.

    hope this helps
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