Brand New PC build won't play some games as it should

Ok so this is my build.

MB ASUS|M5A97 R2.0 970 AM3+ R
CPU AMD|6-CORE FX-6300 3.5G 8M R
HDD 1T|ST ST1000DM003 7K 64M %

Just put this PC together specifically for playing games, especially Battlefield 4. I looked into and researched the build quite extensively with everyone saying that these parts should play the game flawlessly on ultra settings. However I am having A LOT of problems. I can't even play the game on low settings without severe CPU spikes and unbearable stuttering. Thought it had been happening in some other games as well but I think that was before we set the timings correctly on the RAM. We have tried a lot of little fixes but I really want to be able to play this game as others say I should be able to. Any ideas or suggestions as to what might be going on?
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  1. You might have just gotten faulty components, driver issues, the 760 definitely cannot play BF4 on ultra at 60 at 1920x1080 though; not from what I've seen...
  2. How would I know if my components are faulty? Would it be a process of swapping out piece by piece?
  3. jencos5 said:
    How would I know if my components are faulty? Would it be a process of swapping out piece by piece?

    Well I would go and get memtest and put it on a boot cd to check ram... Then run benchmark tests for CPU/gpu and see if there are any anomalies, you may have been over estimating your hardware; but I'm not entirely sure about that. If all else fails looking up your entire systems specs and seeing if anyone else may have had the same problems would be a good idea. I would start out by looking for the relative performance of other systems like yours and then comparing components. It may be driver issues as well did you already check?
  4. We have actually done all of these things. All the drivers are up to date as well. It's not that I'm looking so much to play on Ultra it was just said that it would. I would be fine playing on high settings. It just seems like playing on low and still getting these problems is not right.
  5. I don't know what to tell you man... did you check all your bios config?
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    You could double-check your voltages coming from the PSU....ensure you have all the necessary drivers for the PCI and SATA handling of data....find out if your games are leaning more to an AMD -style of performance in frame rendering.....but yeah, component swapping and Memtest are both really good ideas. Also, the Optimal settings on the graphics card should be tinkered with....sub out the graphics card and see if you have more or less anomalies....then the PSU.....both would give you the symptoms you describe....
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