My Current Display is a 720p Plasma TV, Should I Upgrade to 1080p monitor or tv? 780ti Fx 8350

I have a Fx 8350 with a 780 ti, and today I just decided to check on my tv that I have been using for a while as my gaming tv and saw that it is a 720p monitor. Now Nvidia control panel tells me that it is a 1080p and 60hz, so I am very surprised. The Plasma Tv is a LG 42PG20. Should I upgrade to a 1080p tv or monitor, or should I just leave it as it. I also have a LCD monitor that is also 720p. Should I use that instead?
Thanks so much
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  1. It is 42 inches btw
  2. if u have the money go for it your system is very capable
  3. yes there is no point in having a card like a 780ti with a 720p tv it would be a waste of money not to
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