PC output to receiver issues.

Alright, I seem to have a strange issue here... I am running a 3.5mm to rca cable from my headphone jack in the back of my Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard, going into the phono input of my Pioneer VSX-305 receiver, going to some pretty cheap Klipsch speakers. In order for my music to sound okay, I have to have my computer volume at two or lower in Windows, and anything up from that degrades quickly. My receiver doesn't have any digital inputs, only RCA. I don't think I need a DAC, the 3.5mm output is analog. So I am running analog to analog. Any ideas on how to change my setup so that I can use my Windows volume control? I am quite stumped as to why I get decent quality sound at 1 or 2 in Windows, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    The phono input is only for turntables. A Turntables output has lots of treble and very little bass, so the signal goes through a RIAA equalization filter then amplifies it, and sends the signal on to the normal part of the pre-amp. More than you needed to know, but Any other Input including tape monitor will work. ( not Rec Out ).
  2. avjguy2362 is exactly correct, you need to connect to one of the line-level inputs.
  3. Awesome! That fixed the problem. Highs seem very harsh now though, unsure what that is about. ideas?
  4. Well, I just dropped the high end off quite a bit in the equalizer I have in Foobar2k, that seemed to help a little. Thanks again for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
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