is this a futureproof/decent build that will last me through new multithreaded games?

My build will potentially be upgraded to as follows:

Cpu- I7 4770k
Cooler- Corsair H60 (push pull config of 2 corsair quiet edition fans)
Ram- 16gb vengeance 1866mhz
Mobo- Gigabyte z87mx-u3h
Psu- Corsair cx750m
Gpu- gtx 770 3gb
Hdd- 2T Seagate hdd

I want to be set for a long time. Be able to play high intensity games without too much trouble. I'm thinking that an i5 and it's strictly quad core configuration will get smoked in now and upcoming multithreaded apps and games (bf4, ac4, crysis 3, etc). I already own the i5 4670k and i love it, but in terms of future uses, idk...I've posted before and people say that I don't need extra threads for games. Evidently that's not true because consoles are multicore, new PC games utilize many cores, and people seem to always purchase an i7 just for gaming....

If you have read anything I have posted before, its all i7 vs i5. I just built a rig for a friend sporting an i7 4770k. Tears apart everything we throw at it.

Suggestions are more than welcome! :D
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    Sounds like a good upgrade except the power supply, I would go with TX or a HX series Corsair, and a SSD for a boot drive, Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb is a good one.
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