windows 7 32 bit ccc application install package failure dell optiplex 745

I have a clean install of windows 7 home premium 32 bit on a dell optiplex 745 and a radeon 7770 I got in im having trouble with catalyst control center tried removing c+++ 2010 I tried installing from safe mode I tried using driver sweeper I unistalled all displays from device manager I tried this before and after reinstalling windows 7 I have no cd for radeon 7770 I tried installing .net 4.0 I still get application install package failure midway through installing ati catalyst control center and thats only error in log n it only says it once n I have no internet I been using my galaxy s4 phone to download than transfer files the files arent corrupted either help me Its pure torture
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  1. From that block of text, I have no idea of what you're talking about or trying to fix.
  2. Sorry I edited it for ya
  3. datpiff123 said:
    Sorry I edited it for ya

    So, from what I can glean from this slightly edited block of text...

    You have no real internet service, and Catalyst Control Center installation is failing.

    Its pure torture

    Yes, reading that is torture.
  4. Hey I cant get this solved without it just trying to get every detail in so its faster n its fine using phone I can do everything it just takes longer. edit:in event viewer I get error 1723 there is a problem with this windows installer package a dll required for this install to complete could not be run
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