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Hello, I'd like to introduce myself as I am completely new to this site. Well first things first, I'm also totally new to computers and lack knowledge in any aspect of its technical implications beyond using it for everyday web surfing and occasional gaming. I also posted this under the components category of the forum which I do not neccesarily know is appropriate for this particular subject matter but whatever it's here already :)

So now to the actual point of this post, the question I ask is.... is it possible that you can build your own custom laptop from scratch? I'm fairly certain that this question has been asked multiple times before along it's slightly different variant "how to build your own desktop computer?" but I feel that my question is of a more specific nature requiring special information that may probably not be featured in other post relating to this one in some respect or another. So what I want to build is the cheapest laptop you've ever seen in your entire life, I'm speaking of a laptop that is composed of the most basic components that offers only internet access, and does not really offer any promising opportunities or qualities that would allow the user to play high tech games or play games at all for that matter, not even the need and/or desire to install additional apps, I mean just purely internet access. And so if I were to walk into a computer store, what particular parts would I be suggested to search for and buy in order to create such a laptop? And remember the main ideas are that this is very very elementary and affordable. The only desired result is to get a laptop running decently with internet access and nothing more and nothing less. So essentially I would really appreciate it if I could be informed of the exact parts that I would need to build this laptop I have in mind and any other insights into this would also be very appreciated :)
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  1. Its not possible to build a laptop (to my knowledge). Each manufacturer uses proprietary parts unlike desktops. But from the sounds of it a raspberry pi might be what your looking for. Its bare bones, runs linux, and is 50 dollars or so. You can't play any games on it other then minecraft and that's it that I know of. I still need to pick one up been interested in one for over a year just haven't gotten around to it. But check it out and see if that will work for you.
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