Cant install windows on my new upgrade

I've had a asrock N68C-GS FX for about 3 months works fine with am2 processor and ddr2 ram i've just bought a FX 6300 processor and ddr3 ram, took out the am2 processor and the ddr2 ram and replaced with my am3+ and ddr3 ram my hard drive has been wiped clean but when ever i try install my windows 8 or windows 7 it tells me windows needs repairing now theres nothing on the hard drive and when i try load the windows disc it starts to load then tells me the same message, has anyone got any idea's?
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  1. Have you tried formatting the HDD? There may be remnants of the old MBR left over that are interfering with the install.
  2. It wont let me get that far with the windows disc but i've gone back to am2 processor and formatted it with that but when i change back to am3 still same problem
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    I thought it was something to do with the ram so I messed around with it in bios changed it from auto to what my ram actually is now it's working. Thanks for all your help n time guys
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