Can I do raid with 2 different size,brand,and speed hard drives?

I know that Raid 0 is the one which makes performance faster. Can anyone please tell me whether I can do so with WD Green1.5tb 7200rpm and a HITACHI 80gb (or if this won't work a Seagate 320gb7200rpm.) Also is it possible for all there hard drives to work in raid? My motherboard is Asrock 970 Extreme3 R2.0. (Cpu fx 8320, and Windows 7 64bit Home Premium OS.) If it won't work is there any other Raid function that I can run that will boost my performance? By the way Windows came with my 1.5tb hard drive so I don't have a install disk, but I have the code and it comes with a restore option to reset Windows or recover.

Thank you for helping me.
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    You should be able to RAID them but...
    the performance gain would be almost non-existant and you would sacrifice a very large amount of hard drive capacity.

    However, I'll suggest downloading one of these
    and, using your Windows key, install it onto the 320 GB hard drive and use that as your primary drive instead. Transferring your current installation over to another drive can be quite complicated, especially if you don't have another drive to act as backup between the destination and source drives.
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