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Help Please!
I am trying to disable the lock screen on my new laptop. After about 5 minutes of inactivity, the screen saver comes on with a blank screen. After wiggling the mouse a bit, and a long pause while the message asks you to please wait, I end up on a log in screen where a password or fingerprint is required. I bought this laptop purely for speed, and having to wait around for all this to happen was not in the plan! I would like to disable it completely, but I do not have access to gpedit.msc, and I tried adding a code to the root, as also described, but all this does is prevent the picture, it does not prevent the lock screen from happening in the first place!
Thanks in advance
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  1. Why not just change the power options to prevent the computer from locking? You can have it kill the display, but never put the computer to sleep. In this state, it's pretty much always on, as if the monitor/screen were just off after X amount of time.
  2. That's great - thank you.
    Also just found that if the default setting of Windows, registers the machine to the cloud, the password setting is always there. It you change the setting to local machine, which Windows doesn't like, the password settings can be changed, allowing local security. There is still all the functionality of the cloud, just add the local password to each app that requires it. This means that the screen saver instantly drops away, rather than the pregnant pause looking for remote security. Much better!
    Thanks again
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