Building a solid motion graphics/video editing machine around FX-8350 CPU, need advice

Hi, and thanks in advance for any & all help!

I need some advice to build a machine around the FX-8350, and I'd like to figure out the right stuff to get before the last of the holiday deals dries up. I used the form (which is great, thanks) and tried to be detailed... hope it's not a deterrent.

That's it in a really big nutshell.. like a novelty nutshell on a float in a parade or something.

I don't usually post anything anywhere.. I tend to find the info I need by searching, and I don't have much to contribute as I'm a chronic DIY'er who knows the limitations of his own advice. I tend to build/innovate/fix stuff myself because I 1) get exactly what I want/need 2) enjoy the entire experience 3) hate to pay retail. In this case I want to move fast and I rally don't know enough, so I'd appreciate any advice/experiences/recommendations.

Let me know if you need more info or clarification or anything, and thanks again!
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  1. Yeah, I need to simplify:

    I'm building around FX8350 for graphics & video suite, mainly need advice on a GPU & mobo combo that would get the best performance gains at the best price.

    From the perspective of good/better/best, I'm likely looking at "better" unless "best" isn't a huge price jump for the performance gains.

    If I get those sorted, the rest will fall into place.
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    you need to pick your program first and use the gpu that they recommend. only home users do video editing on a cpu because gpu's do this like 20 to 600 times faster than any cpu ever made.
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