Do I need a better CPU or GPU?

Im sorry im posting this again, but I missed out some things in my last post. So, I made a computer in late June with the following specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5 3330 3.00Ghz
GPU: GTX 560 SE V2
Motherboard: Asus P8B75-V
I dont know about my PSU Ill tell it in another thread if I find it.
But anyway, is the CPU and GPU okay? I want to be able to play games like minecraft, fps games, MMOs (Mostly Lord of the rings online) all on pretty high settings. One other thing is that I want to be able to record them and upload them to youtube without much lag. For that, what do I need to upgrade? I dont want to use more than 150$ MABYE 200$. Well thx for reading!
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    Your i5 should be fine you could upgrade your GTX 560 to a 660 that should offer a good boost in performance for you.
  2. or if you can find another 560 for a deal you can run them in SLI. but otherwise the 660 is a good card fir the cost.
  3. I think you should upgrade both cpu and gpu if you wan't to ultra any game and do video editing.
    But if your budget is limited, It's hard to say which you should upgrade first as both cpu and gpu are equivalent to each other. But in case you wan't only one answer, then upgrade your gpu to r9 270 or r9 270x considering their price. Your cpu does not need upgrade right now as games are more gpu bound.
  4. the 560 SLI would be a good idea if you can find another 560 for a decent price. Nvidia also has a deal on now where you get two free games when you buy a GTX 660 or 760 card. The two games are Assassins creed IV and Splinter Cell I believe.
  5. 4 cores at 3.ghz is perfectly fine for most any game. you can always upgrade your ram to a higher frequency if your not already at >1600mhz
    but a better card with a few gigs of gddr5 will be all you need really
  6. So, sell your current gpu and buy even a better one like hd 7970 or r9 280x or gtx 770. That's better Idea than Sli gtx 560.
  7. Thank you everyone for the ideas! I dont think im gonna choose a solution because they are all so great! THX AGAIN!
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