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GOOD DEALS. Okay I already have a AMD FX 6300 and a motherboard that has a tdp of 95 watts I was looking at the 8320 for the future but now I see its on sale. Should I get the 8320 now and just leave it in the box until I can get my motherboard or just get my motherboard and pay more money on my cpu later?
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    right now with the 6300 cpu i would not replace it or buy a newer 8xxx cpu. amd right now is in a gray area with the fx line. the online leaked photos show no new fx cpu this year. there no new chipset dropping for the fx cpu ether. i would hold onto your money and see what happens. right now all i know is the new apu that dropping soon. after that will have to see if amd staying with there gpu cpu and killing off the fx line.
  2. HMMM............. So do you think there will be a price drop lower on the fx 8320 soon? Like 2 months that makes it lower then the $30 discount.
  3. So I should get my motherboard then. Is the 8320 even worth upgrading to at all? Or just wait until there is a new line of cpus ?
  4. I payed $130 for my 6300 and the 8320 with that deal is $130 so I will be paying the same for a better processor. Also I don't have to replace my rig I can make another one.
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