asus z87-k PASSES post, STILL no display

i5 4670k
asus z87-k
700w cooler master
geforce gtx 660

hey all this is my first build, and as the title suggests, i hear 2 beeps confirming post is good and vga test is good. yet my monitor still has no signal. any help would be greatly appreciated.
forgot to mention, have reseated everything, and tried booting with 1 stick of ram. fans and lights are on and continue spinning.
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  1. Hi, Have you tried removing the graphics card and connecting the monitor to the onboard?
    What video port using for connecting themonitor? If HDMI, try DVI or VGA.
  2. Hello, I just built a new rig with the Asus Z87-K MB. I started out with my 42" Sony Bravia TV as my Viewsonic 24" was having issues with my SLI setup on my NVIDIA EVGA 7950GT-OC's. I used the on-board video DVI out first with a new build and booting Windows 8 Pro and it worked fine. I havn't tried the HDMI yet. Remember there is a setting in BIOS to use HDMI port for audio and/or video. Also remember that this is a AMD crossfire friendly MB. My 2 Nvidia 512 cards are installed now with the 2 monitors connected to each card. With the Sony input looking at my FIOS cable box not the PC it will boot to the Viewsonic. Otherwise it boots to both with the correct settings. This is all with the newest drivers from ASUS for BIOS and chipset. As well as NVIDIA's latest. Don't forget to reboot about 5 times after you install new hardware or software. Windows has always needed this for it to see and setup things the way it wants to!
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