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The fan mounts located on the removable hard drive brackets, are they 120mm or can they support 140mm? What about the one on the bottom of the case? Is placing a fan on the bottom feasible considering the location of the power supply and cable routing? Does removing the bottom hard drive bay help in any way for a fan mounted in the bottom?

Additionally what kind of fan setup do you have for the corsair 500r carbide? What locations on the case do you use positive/negative pressure (push/pull)? Do you have a hard drive case removed? What brand/size fans are you using? Also if you are using an air cooling setup for the CPU what push/pull do you use?

Do you have any average recorded temps to share?

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  1. The front fan mounts are only 120mm the top and bottom are 120 or 140mm. My case is similar in terms of fan mounts (i have 2x140mm at the front). Best setup is 2 front intake, top and rear exhaust. The bottom mount fan did nothing in terms of air flow and cooling as the cables from the PSU covered up half the fan in my case. It was more noise and dust for no gain. I did however mount a GPU fan on the side of the PSU, that helped reduce GPU temps.
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    I have the 400R and use all fan mounting locations just because it looks cool. All fans are Cougar except the 2 stock front Corsair and Scythe CPU cooler.
    140mm- Top, Side panel, Rear, & Bottom.
    120mm- Front, HD Cage
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