I cant see my external hard drive on my computer or disk management but can see it in device manager?

Hi, I was using my new external hard drive (seagate wireless plus 1tb) coping movies onto it using the cable not the wireless feature) and my computer froze so i had to force shut down and when i restarted it and plugged in the hard drive i cant see it! I had a look in disk management and tried to assign a letter but it wasnt there! But i CAN see it in device manager but cant do anything with it. I dont know how i can make it so i can use it again. I dont care if i loose the contents on it i just want to be able to use it again! I would reformat it but i cant see it to be able to do it. Please help
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfpdregyLIo&feature=player_detailpage ) this my help you out I know it helped me out in a smiler problem ( sorry about the music )
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