WD black 2tb VS WD blue 2tb + samsung 840evo 120gb

I am trying to decide whether to get a WD black 2TB or WD blue 2TB + samsung 840evo 120gb
for gaming purposes.
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    I'd go with the second choice. I currently am using a Samsung evo 250GB as OS drive and game storage. I use my 1TB HDD as storage for non intensive stuff and other data that I do not access frequently.

    So, with the 120GB SSD you can run windows and a couple games while the 2TB WD Blue will be a great storage drive. You can even install the games to the HDD and play from there. The performance difference in game load times is noticeable, but not too huge.

    The best gains from having an SSD will come from overall system responsiveness.
  2. I'd have to agree
  3. thanks :)
  4. Where would you get a WD 2TB Blue from? It would be my ideal drive, but can't find it on the WD site!
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