Can't install savegame on Assasins creed 4


I have a legit ASC 4 from Ubisoft, so it's not pirated (skidrow, reloaded...) and i just started the game. But i already finished it on one of my friends ps3, and i don't want to play it again. I found a savegame on the internet, but i can't make it work. I made a backup of my old savegame in case the new one messes up my game.

This is the location where i put the new one, and it's also my own savegame location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\"random numbers and letters"\273

I copy and paste them here, and replace if necessery, but when i enter the game, i see "start a new game" but nothing like "continue" or "load game".

So what can be the problem? Is this the correct directory? Do savegames even work on legit games?

Thanks for your answer
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  1. theultrafaker171 said:
    The Save game that you had downloaded must have been used up by Pirated Version of the game and those games uses different save game location.If you are confirm with the locations then maybe the cause is the game version.Assassins Creed III also had issues of loosing save games after updating,so try finding save games of version matching to yours or else try updating your game...maybe your game is outdated :) :)

    Thanks for replying, but it can't be outdated, everytime i start AC it checks for updates first, but i think it's because the savegame i downloaded is from a pirated version. There are no other possibilities, i think.

    But, i closed the thread, it is not worth to ask it here. I guess i have to figure it out myself :)
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