9800GX2 VS GTX 770sli

I recently ordered a 9800gx2 and was wondering how it would fare against dual 770s
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  1. Not well at all. The 9800 GX2 is 5 years old now? 6?
  2. The 9800GX2 was a great card , but unfortunately it just doesn't have anywhere near the performance of a single GTX 770 let alone dual.
  3. I know the GX2 will get wreaked by a single 770, but by how much? like will it still have about 1/4th the power?
  4. asking because im going to be putting it in a old hp that is going to soon serve as an htpc so id like it to be able to play some rts games.......tring to see how well it will do vs my main rig
  5. A 9800GX2 would be more likely something like a 560ti 1GB in regards to performance
  6. If you are playing older games it will play well
  7. do you have a 2nd powerfull PC? because if so, you could wait till SteamOS will come out in proper release, not beta, and you could stream the gaming from your powerful Pc to the weakish HTPC
  8. I was thinking starcraft II and supreme commander, would total war be pushing it too far?
  9. Wait, so if i just hold on a little while I could just use my main rig to send the stream?
  10. yes you could
    google SteamOS, and you will find some information regarding it
    sadly i am at work at the moment, so I cannot give full information to you.
  11. Seems like ill have to wait for some time.....will the 9800gx2 work in the meantime you think?
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    it would work, you could play games, in 720p in medium-low resolution
    although as mentioned it is not comparable to the brand new gtx 770
  13. that will work! thx, all i rly need it for is some rts on the big screen.........anything else i play on my main rig with its dual 770s ^_^
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