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I received free with external hard drive cases an adapter that fits in a rear computer case slot, it plugs internally to a sata port and then on the rear you can plug an esata cable into it, ( basically it's just an adaptor cable esata to sata ) for me I would then plug that esata cable ( that also came with the external case ) into that external hd case to use to back up stuff, rather than using usb.
I have a few questions starting with will this thing work okay?
next when I use it with the external hd will the drive show up as removable media like any other external storage hd or will it show up as another drive as if it was installed hard in the computer case.
Last will this be any faster than using usb to back up stuff.
Thanks all!
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  1. An eSATA drive won't show up as a removable drive, but it can be hot plugged if your SATA controller is in AHCI or RAID mode. eSATA is faster than USB 2.0 and about the same speed as USB 3.0 where the limiting factor is the hard disk.
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