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Hey everybody!
I'm on my first build here, so I'm trying to gobble up as much helpful information as possible. Here's my question: I just got the coolermaster storm trooper, and now plan to install two fans for exhaust at the top. Unfortunately, the output is vaguely blocked by the dust filters and case handle. Should I get fans optimized for air flow or static pressure here?

I'm leaning towards to noctua 120mms, but I'm always open for suggestions. Also - 120mm or 140mm fans? The 140mms are said to be quieter, but are their cooling any better?

Thanks for helping, everybody!
Much appreciated.
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    I would go with airflow based fans over static pressure. SP fans are geared more towards high restriction areas, a fan filter won't be one unless you let it get clogged with dust. Depending on the fan, cooling can be increased by a 140mm fan if they have a higher airflow than and equivalent 120mm fan.
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