Will my power-supply work with my motherboard?

After some research, I have seen that my power-supply has a 1 x EPS12V (excuse my lack of knowledge, but I am pretty certain this isn't standard...) connect for CPU power. I need an 8 pin connector for the CPU power, but am not certain what EPS12V actually means.

I plan on using an 4670K Processor (4th gen), with the MSI Z87-G45 motherboard. The 24pin connector is standard with the 650W PSU. I just want to double check that I will have the correct power for my CPU and Mobo.

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    ATX12V and EPS12V are interchangeable. If you look at the wiring, you'll see they're the same (four +12V and four ground.) One splits in half (4+4pin) in case you need just a 4-pin CPU power connection.
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