Whats the cheapest processor that will fit a ASUS Z87-K motherboard

Had some problems when getting parts in which i stupidly bought the wrong processor for my motherboard, long story short i am struggling to find a cheap processor that will fit the motherboard and hope that someone can help me find one as to check if the motherboard is still working as intended so i can boot up my computer as to check the bios. Any help would be gratefully appreciated :)
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  1. The Z87 chipset supports the LGA 1150 haswell socket so the cheapest would probably be the Pentium G3220

    What a waste. You bought the wrong CPU XD
  2. i know :( i ended up not realizing my mistake until it was to late after trying to install the chip and bending sevral of the pins in the process, i found someone that was able to fix them meaning it wasn't as bad as i feared, also thanks for the reply :D
  3. Did you confirm with others to see your build's compatibility or did you just buy the wrong one ?
  4. just bought the wrong processor
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