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Hey Guys!

I bought myself an EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard and want to set up a RAID configuration using the built in, Marvell SATA 3 ports... The only problem is, I've got no clue where to start... Please help me out or give me some advice. Thanks guys!
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    during powerup press ctrl+M to enter the marvell raid bios.
    move the 'bar' to the hba you wish to configure (some boards have 2 marvels) and press enter
    move the bar to the first hdd you wish to be in the array and press the space bar
    repeat for the remaining drives you wish to have in the raid and then press enter.
    Select raid type, stripe, rounding (none), and name it then move to Next and click enter followed by yes if you really want to create eh array and wipe all the existing data off these drives.
    After you are done, its either escape or f10 to exit (I forget which)
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