Can't delete hard drive partitions for clean install

Yesterday I formatted my hard drive, but for some reason it created multiple partitions on it's own.

I'm trying to clean install Widows 8, but the C: drive only has 100 mb on it, with the other Terabyte of space divided up between 2 partitions I can't delete. Now when I try to install Windows 8 to get back to the part where it asks me where I'd like to install it, it tells me there's no Media driver detected. so I can't get it to do anything.

So, my 3 questions are

How can I delete the extra 2 partitions that are causing C: drive to have 100 mb
How can I install a driver, or where can I find one, to get the Windows 8 disc to work for the DVD drive. (Hp P/N 575781-501)
Why can't I Fdisk with nothing on the hard drive? Do I need a program to be able to do that?

Right now I can only access the hard drive via the command prompt during pre Windows 8 install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to have this computer up and running by Monday afternoon, and the no Media drive and partitions on the Hard drive are the only things that are stopping me.
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  1. Use Windows Diskpart commands in Command Prompt and see if you can delete the partitions there:
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    You can also try the Diskpart Clean command and see if that helps.
    See Steps 3-7 of this link:
  3. I'll try that out for removing the partitions.

    Can anyone tell me how I locate a driver for a specific part of a computer without any programs? I have a computer that is exactly the same as the computer I pulled the DVD RW drive out of, so the driver would be the same, but I need to know how to get the driver to a USB to install on this hard drive during the Windows 8 setup so I can get the disc to install.
  4. Alright, I had 3 partitions and I deleted 2 and 3, leaving me with 1.

    Is Partition 1 supposed to be C: drive? It says it's the primary partition, and it's not able to be deleted without override.

    Also, I still can't figure out how to locate the driver for my DVD RW drive to put on a USB and install on the hard drive to get Windows 8 to install.

    I really need any help I can get with this.
  5. You can delete the remaining partition also since you're doing a fresh install. Windows will create another partition and format it automatically during the installation process.

    There are no specific drivers for CD or DVD drives. Windows uses its own default drivers. Just place your Windows installation disk in the DVD drive, boot into your motherboard's BIOS, and select the DVD drive as your 1st boot device. After Windows installation has been completed boot into BIOS again and select your HDD as your 1st boot device.

    During install make sure your HDD & DVD drive are the only drives connected. After install is complete you can then connect any other HDDs that you have.
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