Asus HD7770 Stuttering Problem!

Hello everyone, I purchased an asus hd 7770 along with a corexstream ocz 500w for my system. Which consists in: Intel Core i5 3330, 8gb 1333mhz ram, 1tb seagate, 1 dvd burner, motherboard asrock H61M-itx.Before that I had a 300w psu fsp with a gt 630 and games though in the gory details, worked smoothly, although now having 60 fps in a skyrim or a known fifa 14 shots every 5 seconds on same settings. With dark souls correspond to fps drop ... I immediately thought it was the video card, but on the web I found that sometimes it is the fault of the power supply ... According to you? Which one should I refund from amazon? Now with the old video card and this new power supply known fluidity as before, but there are also shots, more rarely and less perceptible ... so not sure if it's the fault of the power supply that delivers little .. HELP!!!!!

I don't have stutter in League o legends, Left 4 dead 2, Battlefield 4...
I can't really understant how!!
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    Just to be sure (might seem dumb but I have to ask), have you removed the old drivers and installed the latest Radeon drivers? I do not think the issue is related to the power supply, 500W is plenty for your PC, and since it works with other games and your old GPU...

    However, if I recall correctly, Dark Souls was known to be pretty buggy on PC, there might be an issue with the game and AMD cards.

    Edit: a quick search on steam reveals that quite a few users have problems with AMD cards on this particular game, here are the threads:

    You might want to try the fixes suggested, but I cannot help you more than that as I have no experience with this game.
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