Please help! PC won't turn on!

Hey guys, I'm in serious dilemma at the moment. Okay so yesterday one of my friends brought over his computer case, the CM Storm so I could move all the components from my chasis to his. I took everything out from my computer case (the CoolerMaster 430 Elite) being really careful, of course, and successfully placed the motherboard, powersupply, hdd, gpu, and other components in the new case. When I connected the atx cables to power up the motherboard and cpu and connected the i/o port cables, their was no response. My computer just wouldn't turn on when ever I clicked the power button. After hours of checking everything I decided to return everything that I put in the new case to the previous one. I set up everything as it was, and when I tried powering it up I wouldn't turn on anymore.

By this time I decided to check everything and see if everything was connected properly. I checked to see if I connected the 4-pin cable to the CPU power. yes. I checked If I had the 24-pin cable connected to the motherboard. yes. The power supply switch on the back was on, the power cable was connected to the psu and the wall socket.

I then went to the I/O port cables and connected them the same way the motherboard manual said to. Everything seem to be in order, but when I went to press the power button on my PC, It wouldn't turn on. No fans or anything. This is weird because this has never previously happen. This all just started when I tried changing my PC'c Chasis. I tried rearranging the i/o cables but nothing happened. I looked to see if my mobo was seated correctly and it was. There were no cables running underneath, and no screws laying around. The standby light on my mobo does shine green though, but I'm sure that doesn't mean that the whole mobo is operational. I've spent hours trying to find a solution but nothing.

Please help out on this, I can't seem to figure out anything else. I think the motherboard is dead, or maybe my PSU is not working anymore because when I turn it on, it makes a faint buzzing noise. I decided to take the my whole PC to a computer repair shop where they build custom PCs and see what they have to say.
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  1. Have you tried the paperclip test?
  2. jay2577 said:
    Have you tried the paperclip test?

    Paperclip test? No not at all...

    Edit: Okay so I did the paperclip test and the power supply powered on. The fan worked and everything seems okay. I'm starting to think that maybe it's the i/o ports.
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    Okay. Have you tried clearing the cmos?

    tell you what just take a look at this thread
  4. jay2577 said:
    Okay. Have you tried clearing the cmos?

    tell you what just take a look at this thread

    I haven't tried that yet, but I will try it and see what happens.

    Edit: Hey man, it was the CMOS. It turns out that I took out the little jumper thing (that little blue thing that goes over the pins) and placed it in my motherboard box. I put it back on the motherboard and now it boots up! Thank you so much for you help! I reallly appreciate it. Saved me money from taking it into the shop!
  5. No problem. Have a happy new year:D
  6. jay2577 said:
    No problem. Have a happy new year:D

    Yea, Happy New Year to you too.
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