windows7 100% cpu usage explorer.exe

100% cpu usage windows 7 explorer.exe is the culprit
How do I fix it
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  1. What is the CPU . If it is slow/old , it is the issue .Otherwise check for viruses and other malware .
  2. whitecat said:
    What is the CPU . If it is slow/old , it is the issue .Otherwise check for viruses and other malware .

    my laptop is
    HP G61 Notebook PC
    processor AMD Athlon (tm) Dual-core M300 2.00ghz
    Ram 3.00 GB (2.75 GB usable)
    64-bit operating system

    worked fine up until a month ago
    when I go into task manager
    under processes and highlight the most active "explorer.exe" and end process tree
    it works fine for a few min. then goes back up to 100% usage.
    I have scaned it many times and have found no viruses
  3. Often I was having 100%CPU usage problem. Though I close all programs before closing down, When I shut down the computer there used to be a message " waiting to close down the programs that is running"But now it is solved.Thank God,I believe that he only helped me to solve it .No other could help me nor am I an expert.I don't say that the problem faced by me is yours as well because this Problem can be due to other reasons as well .But you may try this .Any way this is a very safe method also.This applies only for laptop etc: and not for desktop. After shutting down the laptop remove the battery and charger plug .Then press start button just like for switching on the laptop and hold the button for 10-15 seconds. Computer will not start as there is no power but it can remove the problem (This is jut like removing the battery in mobiles when it hangs etc: ) After that again place the battery back and start it as usual.This helped me .Though I have 4GB Ram i was facing problem. Now it is fine.May God help you .
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