cooler master elite 120 130 psu fan direction

im bulding a non oc system with a 770 gtx and haswell 3.1 ghz stock no o/c using stock fan.

now I see the way the blades are curved on the stock fan its pulling air down onto the cpu, so if I put the psu fan down aka inside the case, although it will be helping by sucking the hot air out of the case since its right on top of the cpu cooler im thinking it would be a conflict.

I really thought at first sucking air out would be good but with cpu puling air down and psu pulling air up im not sure.

so im thinking of putting the psu pulling outside air fresh, into the psu and out the back end.

what do you think.

also does anyone know if that side fan on the cm elite series case is reversible so you can pick direction, if not which way is it stuck at

lastly does anyone who has had a 120/130 with stock intel cooler, do you know do you need low profile ram or will any height do, I know mini itx has only two slots so having one blocked wouldn't be acceptable, ive heard people had issues with other cpu coolers but not sure about stock
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    I had a CM Elite 120 awhile back with an AMD system. After some experimentation, I settled on having the PSU with fan up pulling in fresh air. It sits too close to the CPU if it is facing down. I too decided that it would cause a lack of air flow over the stock AMD cooler. So I would definitely suggest PSU fan up.

    The situation with tall memory sticks will depend on the MB you are using. I don't remember about the little side fan. But I did move the front 120mm fan to the back side of the drive cage to help blow air over the MB and CPU. That little case gets pretty hot inside. I eventually added a 2nd 120mm fan back in the front.
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