Where to mount XSPC D5 photon 170 in NZXT phantom 630?? Some other questions aswell :P

So I told myself I would never think of watercooling, making me settle for a nzxt phantom 630 over a switch 810. That turned into a h80i which turned into a swiftech h320 that sadly died on me :(. I am going to be purchasing an xspc raystorm d5 photon ax240 watercooling kit as this will be my first time custom watercooling and I'd prefer not to destroy my expensive hardware on its first week :P. I will also be getting an ax360 radiator and an xspc razor hd7990 waterblock with more compression fittings.

So first question is where do I mount my res in this case? Is it hard drive cages, or the back of my case or next to the motherboard in which I'll then have to drill my own holes?

Secondly, According to the watercooling theory guide, I should be good for 'dual GPU' and a i7 4930k CPU, with 1 240mm & 1 360mm radiator, (16FPI) for ax rads and high pressure fans with slightly higher rpm. Does that seem right?

Lastly, is XSPC's EC6 clear coolant well, a good coolant? I can always grab distilled water and add liquid utopia, but if the additives and biocides are pre mixed and it's a good coolant with no tricks, then I'll happily purchase it.
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    You mount your reservoir wherever it fits in the case, there is no pre-determined spot. Depending on the height of the tube, you could probably mount it to that mesh grill at the rear of the case, If its too tall you might have to remove the fan above it.

    Seems about right to me.

    Dont know if its good, but I doubt its bad. But anyway, I recommend using distilled water over a pre-bottled coolant, theres no difference and its a lot cheaper and a lot more convenient if you ever run out while tinkering with your loop.
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