How to tell if your motherboard is dead?

I recently overclocked my FX 8150 because it was bottle-necking my 7950 and my 7970. I have the cooler master siedon XL 120 so I overclocked up to 4.7ghz (stock is 3.6) and did a prime95 stress test and after 10 minutes I heard a pop and the computer shut down. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. i cleared the CMOS and pressed all wires hooked up to the mobo back in and still nothing. Please help, thank you in advance.

PC parts:
ECS A890GXM-A2 (v2.0)
Gigabyte 7950
XFX 7970 Core Edition
AMD FX 8150
Cooler Master siedon XL 120
Rosewill Lightning 1000w
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  1. The only way to know is trying with another one or checking if is not your psu, I´ve been trough that and that was what I did and for my bad luck my motherboard was dead.
  2. I tested the PSU with the paper clip test and also put in a different PSU to see if the system would boot but it still wouldn't boot.
  3. If you´re sure the other psu was good then that´s exactly what it is, same like me. Try testing you cpu to check if it is ok now.

    You should have never oc like that, is by upping the clock a little bit then checking if anything goes bad then upping the voltages a little bit until you can´t go much further and with a good motherboard capable of it also.
  4. How would I test the CPU if I dont have another motherboard that supports Am3+
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    Must find another that´s the only way to test it, as I see it you probably fried you cpu and your mobo with that oc so you´re going to buy a new one try buying the mobo first test it and change your cpu is needed, I know that in usa tech support can be expensive so that´s the better way.
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