Help needed (New Build PC turns off after 2 seconds)

Hello, wanted some advice I had just finished typing my RMA for my motherboard as I assume it is the problem but before I send the RMA request away thought I would ask here.

I have gone thru

(ATX and CPU connectors have been in and out many times)

This is my RMA

Motherboard appears to be defective, I built the system (installed the 9 atx standoffs in the case(every thing is new) turned the power on system/fans start up and the power supply pings and shuts the power down. No Beeps no Lights (onboard LED debug dosn't read out) I started to disassemble for troubleshooting. The CPU cooler had good thermal coverage none spilled over the top heat spreader. I removed the thermal paste and installed the stock Intel Cooler w/pre installed factory compound, same results.

Set up a test bench PSU/RAM/CPU w/heatsink still the same result, took out the 2x4 gb sticks of ram in from dimms 2 and 4 tried a single stick in every dimm (tried both sticks of memory) same results. Took some DDR3 my my current pc, still nothing.
I have also tried the clear cmos button many times, I took out the cmos battery let it reset and installed, I have tried both Bios with the dual Bios switch same result anywhich way.

I have confirmed my PSU is working, I took my old PSU and powered the ATX on the mobo, and the CPU connector and still nothing, I then took my new PSU and it powers up my old system just fine.

System specs are as follows

MSI z87 Mpower Mobo
i7 4770k LGA 1150 CPU
XFX Pro 750W Black Edition gold plus PSU
Corsair Vengance LP ram sticks 2x4 GB DDR3 1600


Thank you in advance, I am out of ideas! I can't however confirm that the CPU is in working order, install went smooth nicely fit into the socket with the correct tabs in the correct spots and the arrow facing the mobo arrow.
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