Used my old AMD 6770 in father's new pc, now getting '“Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”

I recently made a build for my dad and took some old components from my PC that I had upgraded in the last year. I used my 350W PSU from my old desktop along with my old AMD 6770 GPU. After putting these into my dad's new build, he seems to have this crash occurring when on flash heavy websites like Newsnow... After about 10 mins of surfing the problem occurs...

The GPU had previously worked fine in my old desktop build with an M5A78L-M USB3 Mobo, Athlon II Quad Core (3.1Ghz), and 4gb ram (along with the old 350W PSU)...

However, his build was slightly different in that we opted for an AMD FX4130 (3.8GHz) CPU and 8gb of ram with the same Mobo as mine and my old PSU...

I had a couple of ideas as to why I thought this problem might be happening, and as I'm new to all this, it would be awesome if anyone could validate/call me an idiot for making a mistake...

Firstly, I thought this might be a power issue given the increase in ram and the better CPU - is it that whenever he begins to surf the internet on a flash heavy website, the GPU can't get enough power because of the other more demanding components and shuts down?

Secondly, the other idea I had was simply that the GPU was simply a bit knackered... I had overclocked it somewhat so it could be that, though it had been working absolutely fine within my old pc..

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.. Thanks
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    Install latest gpu drivers...
  2. update adobe flash player/
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