Will Getting a Faster SD Card Help My Camera Take Photos Faster In Continuous Shutter Mode?

Hello everyone I am not new to photography I have been into it for over 5 years now. I currently own a Cannon Powershot SX20 IS and just got into really working with the custom settings in the camera. I have been using the continuous shutter mode and I really like it because you just hold down the shutter button and it continuously takes pictures one after another (obviously due to the name haha). Anyways I just needed to know if getting a faster SD card will improve the speed of the camera taking pictures? I currently have a Transcend 16gb class 10 that wrights at 20mbs unfortunately my camera does not shoot in raw format so I understand compressing the photo to jpeg takes a little time. I just need to know if my camera compressing the picture is the problem or is it the speed of the wrights of the sd card?
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  1. Class 10 is currently the fastest card there is.

    It writes to the internal memory until that is full. Then it writes out to the SD card. When done writing, you can shoot again.
  2. I understand that but just because its class 10 does not mean its the fastest that's a misconception. Transcend has several class 10 cards and some wright at 20mbs some wright at 45mbs and some wright at 90+mbs so thats why I am asking. My camera is set to always wright to the sd card first so yea thats not it. I am just confused because my sd card is 20mbs wright and my photos are only 3mb in size.
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    There are cards faster than Class 10, such as the UHS-1.

    BUT make sure that your camera can write at that speed first or you'll be wasting money on a faster card that your camera can't make use of -- check your manual.

    JPEG compression does not really take much time as compared to RAW photo saving (Huge file size writing is slow) which is why most cameras can shoot continuous shutter in JPEG but not RAW.

    My advice, check your manual because it's a technical specification problem.
  4. Thanks that is the only place I have not looked yet and idk if it will even tell me in that.
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