GTX 760, i7 870 2.93GHz

Hello everyone!

I am looking to purchase a GTX760 after looking at the price bracket when compared to the GTX660TI.

I am currently using an i7 870 @ 2.93GHz, and I am wondering if the card will be bottlenecked by the CPU during Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, hope you had a nice holiday and have a refreshing new year!
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    Well the cards are basically the same. but the 760 is just a rebranded 660, and slightly tweaked. The 760 is going to have better driver support and stuff like that. Here is a comparison.

    And that is a high end i7 processor. Sure its a little older but it is still gonna do its job. I mean your talking about a quad core here. Just about any quad core could handle any gpu. Except when your processor is like a core 2 quad. Then that's getting to old.

    So the answer would be no. Its not going to bottleneck any!
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