Using SSD as a boot drive for Win8 and HDD for windows directory, etc?


So I got my 120GB SSD a couple of days ago and I have been using it as my main drive with windows and a few programs and games on. The annoying thing is whenever I setup an application I don't want on the SSD I always have to go searching through my storage to a folder in my HDD that I only use for games.

Here is what I want to do- use my SSD as a Windows boot drive and a place to store a couple of games, and use my HDD as my main drive with my user directory folders in. How would I be able to do this in Windows 8.1?

Also I have 2 1TB hard drives. The first one is for my main Windows 7 drive with a partition for when I used windows 8 dual booted, and apt he other one is for movies, music, games, etc.

So how would I make the windows user directory get into the partition that I have on my first drive?

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