gtx 780 ti vs gtx 690

Hi everyone, i want to buy a great gpu, and i dont know which is better.
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    Well the gtx 780ti is the best graphic card on the planet right now so there you go hehe.
  2. Yep the 780 is way better than the 690 by far. All comes down to how much you want to spend.
  3. My 2 cents... I just read all the specs in another forum labeled almost the same as this, one guy put it simply, the 690 is 2x680s but the advantage is in every category where is the 780 Ti is only one, well, 780..., BUT it is indeed the fastest single GPU and if numbers are thrown out the window like Overclocking, then the 780 Ti is better than the 690... Just recently I was on and it showed the highest clocked 690 is the Asus GTX690-4GD5 4GB 915MHz and the fastest 780 Ti is the EVGA 03G-P4-2888-KR 3GB 1.02MHz. It also shows the fastest cards period are the 650, 680 and 770 all at 1.20MHz but with only 2GB memory
  4. 2 760s sli beat both....if your ok with sli...I have been running sli for years and the only issue u have is new games rarely support sli out of the gate.. It takes a patch or 2 to get sli... Quality of the cards also play a factor and your psu is very important....
  5. The 690 is a beast. The 780 Ti is also quite the monster. People are forgetting to give you the essentials. the 780 Ti is the newest card off the Nvidia line using the GK110 Architecture which is the same as the Titan. The 780 Ti is a Single GPU it runs very fast and performs very well under load. The GTX 690 is a Dual GPU it's two GK104 GPU's SLI'd together in one assembly. This makes this card very high in performance and able to take on about anything you can throw at it but it suffere from a major point. The fact it is two SLI'd GPU's most games today haven't been very well optimized for SLI Profiles making performance really spotty and in some cases making it almost unusable. I'd say go with the 780 Ti, you'll be happy with the card and it performs very well in the current generation market and will perform well in the coming generation.
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