Is 750w good enough?

Changed my build and want to be sure if psu is enough.

xfx xxx semi modular 750

i5 4670k at 4.2 ghz
asus gtx 770 oc ghz edition
fractal r4 2 fans
2 2tb seagate barracudas
1 120gb ssd
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  1. you probably can have a 600w power supply for that build.
  2. It's plenty.

    Are you planning to add a second GTX 770 later? Then upgrade to 850W.
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    It's plenty , and leaves you room for upgrades , nice choice it's a solid unit made by SEASONIC.
  4. Thanks guys - nah ill stick to a single card setup - just wanted to be sure :)
  5. Your welcome.
  6. Should be just fine :)
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