White screen crash, followed by black screen without cursor

Hello, I use Windows 8.1 and I'm having a bit of a scary problem.

My screen suddenly went white when I was doing nothing but running Chrome. When I hit ctrl+alt+del it would briefly show the menu screen, then revert back to white. I tried manually shutting down the computer, and turning it back on again, and all I get is a black screen with no cursor or anything. I'm pretty sure there's no power going to the screen at all. I also tried getting into safe mode by spamming F8 when I restarted, but I get nothing. Another weird thing is that the caps lock button toggles the caps lock light correctly.

If you got all that, I could really use some help!
Apparently it is probably a driver crash or video card issue.

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  1. If you do have a separate video card, try plugging the monitor into your MOBO directly to bypass the GPU. Also consider removing the GPU for now and use the onboard graphics. If that DOES work but the Video card output does not, then maybe the card died.
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