Absolute best CPU cooler for $100?

Hello everyone!

Do I recently realized that my motherboard doesn't support SLI configurations which means that the free 770 we got from UPS for a mess up we had is going to waste. We decided that we will sell the 770 for $300 and just get new parts for our PC. I just wanted to know what the best CPU cooler for under $100 is right now, right now we are using a 212+ which is a great cooler but just not good enough seeing as we really want to overclock without getting very high temps. My current build is in my signature if you want to see my motherboard for compatabuility. I am running duel channel RAM that may interfere with some heatsinks. Here are the coolers I'm looking at as of now, the air cooler linked might not fir with my RAM though.


PLEASE link to coolers that will really keep my OC'd 3570k nice and cool. Thanks for the help in advanced!
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  2. id say Noctua NH-D14
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