Newly built computer keeps rebooting

I recently got my new gpu in the mail. (gtx 760) It was for my new and first build that was working perfectly. I installed it and everything was working as it should. While in game, the computer randomly stopped displaying anything. I had to manually shut it off. I tried to turn it back on and it is just stuck on a reboot loop. I turned it off for a while and turned it back on after reseting the bios. it worked! But after being on for 15 minutes it shut off and went back into the same loop.

Thanks, Luke
mobo p8z77-v lx
gpu gtx 760
cpu i5 3570k
psu corsair cx600
8 gb corsair vengance x1
os win 8.1
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  1. newest bios on the mb to rule out a bios bug?? newest intel chipset drivers???
  2. My chipset drivers are up to date but ill try to update my bios if i can get into it because it usually doesnt let me get into the bios because of the rebooting issue.
  3. pull the gpu get back to the onboard video port. also check that you did not load the mvp software. it buggy when it trys to bond a gpu and ipgpu together.
  4. CPU and GPU temps?
  5. Have you made absolutely sure the graphics card and -all power connectors- are fully plugged in / seated?

    Do you have adequate cooling to the CPU / GPU (i.e. are temps below 80C or so)?

    Are you running the latest Motherboard BIOS/UEFI?

    Have you updated your Drivers? (ALL of them. Not just GPU)

    That's about the best I can do without information from the windows system log on the crashes, but honestly, if it's not one of those things, you might just have a faulty card.
  6. my cpu temps are at 25C and i updated my bios and reset my cmos and it seems to be working fine but i am very nervous to play a game or even run a program.
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