Looking for a laptop for college

I need to replace my current laptop (an HP) and I'm not sure what brand to go with. I've read so many reviews and opinions...Now I'm completely lost.
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    lenovo -reliable
    or mac book air 15''

    gaming laptops: alienware,eurocom,msi,cyberpower,digitalstorm.,2817,2020688,00.asp

    Make sure your laptop has at least 4gb ram ( only for world processing)
    8gb or more recomended , and get quad core intel i3 or i5.
  2. If you wish to game perhaps a y510p or y410p from lenovo.
  3. Laptops are so close now, as all come out of the same district in China.

    I have an inexpensive Inspiron for traveling. Windows 7 and an i3. If I drop it or it gets stolen, it wouldn't be good... but, I'd simply buy another. A $1,500 ibuypower would be great, but then you really have to worry about theft.!everyday-laptops&facets=241891~0~15646049,226291~0~14720660,55846~0~5930680,228279~0~14814752&p=1
  4. Out of all of them which one tends to last the longest? I've had multiple people recommend a Dell, but I don't know much about the brand. I don't wish to game on it, but I will obviously use it a lot for school. Also I need it to last for a good amount of time considering I'm going to be broke from paying for college and I won't be able to afford another laptop.
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