How do I know which Wireless card to buy?

Hey everyone so I have come to the conclusion that the wireless card in my laptop is busted somehow someway.... the laptop is used and the guy who replaced a few parts said he knew what he was doing so I really am at a loss of if i need to have it checked out which will cost me money or buy a new actual wireless card that's meant for the laptop and have the Geek Squad at best buy install it.

Here are a few Links from Ebay, I am not sure which one to buy they all say they are original parts for the Asus U47A.

ASUS U47A Intel 2230BNHMW Wi-Fi Bluetooth CARD ri3

Asus U47A/U47A-BGR4 - Wireless wifi wlan Intel 2230BNHMW

and this is the link that shows them all in a list or grid depending how your ebay page is set up

My biggest worry is i dont want to buy the wrong one, those top two are under $10.00 but there are others that are up to $15.00 the first one also says it's a wifi and bluetooth but the second one doesn't mention bluetooth...

This may be simple but I dont want to make a mistake, if any of you are good at buying parts if you could help me out that be awesome!
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    Most those cards are pretty standard they are not normally limited to just one particular laptop. It normally is just a matter of getting the correct drivers.

    In a laptop it is much more common especially if it has been disassembled that the wires that go to the antenna are not connected properly to the card or were damaged.

    It may be simpler to just buy a USB wireless card
  2. i really would like to fix the internal problem, not looking for a ez way although the USB could work just would be nice to have the computer in full working order...

    I dont know if i should take it to the Geek Squad so they could check the current one installed or what, I know there are two cables from what I been seeing online that are attached to the card but I don't know maybe i can check it myself or would that be unwise?
  3. If you know how to swap the card out the cost of a new card is less than what geek squad will charge just to turn the machine on. Checking the antenna connection to the card is pretty easy you can feel when they snap on correctly. Hard to describe you will have to take them off and put them back to understand.

    You should be able to put any card that matches the physical connection and fits in the machine. Like a desktop machine these card slot are standard. Of course using one that is designed for that machine means you can use the manufactures drivers but people upgrade these cards all the time to ones are not sold for their machine.

    You can get replacement antenna also if they turn out to be bad.
  4. ok so the update... I took in the laptop this morning to Geek Squad at best buy i had to pay $70.00 for a diagnostics.... that wasn't fun.

    Well 7 hours later when they told me it would take 2-3 they informed me that most of the components in the laptop are great but that my hard drive is failing... so because of this they couldn't tell if it's because my hard drive that my Wireless card and HDMI port arent working. I would have to replace my hard drive to figure this out.

    The Computer is working I dont understand why they think the hard drive is failing... Anyways I am thinking about buying a new hard drive off of Newegg but i wanted to ask a question. This is the link to my Laptops Specs
    Hard Disk of 750GB
    HDD RPM - 5400rpm
    HDD Interface - SATA

    The interface is confusing me, could I get any laptop hard drive i am thinking of a 1TB and a faster RPM of course, please lend me your knowledge I am not sure if I need a SATA? compatible HDD or what the case may be. SSD's are a bit to pricey for me sadly. I see that on Newegg on the left hand side there are two boxes I could check off in interface SATA 3.0 gb/s and a 6.0

    Thanks for your continued support everyone.
  5. Sound like geek squad took your money for nothing basically. I am no expert when it comes to laptop troubleshooting but even I know you can load diagnostic DVD that will run full blown OS that can test any feature even with no hard drive in the machine at all.

    I would bet with all the different stuff not working it is something other than just a hard drive issue.

    Try posting this to the laptop forum and see if the people there can give you some ideas.
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