Is memory interface more important than memory?

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I will either be buying a gtx 770 or the r9 280x. The r9 280x has 3gb of memory, and a memory bandwidth of 384 bits. The 770 has 4gb of memory, but a memory interface of 256 bits. The question is in the title. Which will be faster?

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    280x has a slight edge

    amount of ram is important when dealing with large resolutions (ie 2560x1600) being rendered since that can take lots of vram but provided you have enough vram bandwidth is more important.
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    Quick note on ssddx's post: Even at 2560 x 1600 you will not be bottlenecked by VRAM so long as its more than 2GB, unless you decide to surround these monitors, at which point you will easily be bottlenecked by the GPU performance, not the VRAM amount.

    Here are some benchmarks that show this:
  3. games like battlefield 4 are capable of using 1800-2015mb of vram. some claim they use 2.25 on 3gb cards.

    3gb of ram should be perfectly fine for a single display. if you were running sli/crossfire across multiple displays then perhaps more vram is needed.
  4. Battlefield 4 caches its textures in VRAM, allowing it to use virtually all the VRAM you have without any noticeable performance increase.
  5. well if you read the ops post they were comparing 3 gb to 4gb and a 280x to 770.

    yes... technically a 2gb card would work but they didnt list that.

    out of the two in most games the 280x comes out on top by just thin margin.

    and 3gb is more than enough.
  6. out of the two, they both perform closely, but the 280X is the winner most of the time. yes, of course 3gb is more than enough. i was just backing up my claim about there being no real performance difference between 2gb and 4gb of vram :)
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