FX 4130 Vs. FX 6300 Triple Monitor Gaming

Hi all,

My rig: Intel Core 2 quad q8200 2.4ghz
8gbs ddr2 800mhz
HD 7850 2gb
OEM Motherboard

Currently My cpu creates a large bottleneck on my GPU. I plan on upgrading to either a 4130 or a 6300. I play on 3 monitors each at sub 720p resolution. My problem is I am unsure weather getting the FX 6300 over the FX 4130 is worth it. Does the CPU play a part for triple monitor gaming? Will the CPU bottleneck my GPU? Thanks in advance guys!

Also I do plan on playing BF4, BF3 and other intensive games at at least medium settings.
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  1. Go for an FX8350... It's worth the extra money if you have a triple monitor setting...
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    extra data must still be sent from the cpu to and from the video cards for the extra monitors, so yes more cpu power is better. even for single monitor the 6300 is far better than a 4130. if you plan on playing bf3 or 4 with 3 monitors, you are going to want a much beefier video card also.
  3. Go for FX8320 not 50 its only 10$ more from FX6300
  4. You should go with an FX-8320 instead of an FX-6300, its cheaper and can be overclocked fairly easily to match the clocks of the FX-8350. But if you do get the FX-8320 buy an after market cooler, the stock one is cheap and can cause the card to get hot without overclocking.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I will get the 8320
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